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Monday, August 5, 2013


Life is about to get pretty crazy (once again). After coming home from five amazing months working in Disney, I've been having an extremely mellow and low-key summer back home in California. I've had my moments where I really miss Florida, all of my friends, and just the lifestyle that came with the internship, but I've learned to move on and focus on my next step.

I'm about to take a big risk and really step out of my comfort zone by moving to Southern California. I'm honestly not much of a city girl, but at the same time I really love being places where there's lots of things to do. I'm from an extremely small town (no stoplights, one four-way stop, and less than 400 people in my entire high school), so I'm really not used to big cities and the like. San Francisco actually terrifies me...the traffic alone gives me anxiety. I know...Southern California is a million times worse when it comes to traffic, but I'm going to have to face that fear.

There's one lesson I've learned in the past couple years after graduating high school: Change is inevitable. People grow apart, your opinions and views start to shift, and your goals start to transform. I graduated college with the plan of majoring in psychology and getting a career as a counselor of some sort. I wanted to go to school in the Bay Area. I started dating my second boyfriend.

Here I am now. I'm majoring in marketing. I'm moving to SoCal. Heck, I worked in my favorite place in the entire world. (I'm also single..but that's usual for me.) Going through all of these changes, moving across the country, coming back, and now moving down south, really teaches me to be prepared for anything. I might be scared, but everything will work out in the end.

People change. There are friends I have here that I used to talk to on a daily basis, but now we rarely even text. At one point I was able to tell these people everything, and now we're merely acquaintances, almost strangers. But that's okay, because through this process I've also gained amazing friends that mean the world to me.

I'm slowly preparing myself mentally for my next step, because I know this is how I'm going to grow and discover more about myself as a person.

Everything happens for a reason, you just have to be prepared.

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  1. Ah, you've made the philosopher inside of you happy for writing this. :)