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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Book Blogger Challenge: Day Three

Who are your blogging BFFs?

I don't have any book blogger BFFs...but I have some Disney bloggers and friends who I met through Tumblr and Blogger! That should count ;)

I have to say, my very first blogger friend I made way back when I started blogging is The Disney Freak. We were both very new to the blogging world, starting our Disney blogs around the same time. It's been so much fun watching her blog grow throughout the year, and it's always wonderful to talk to fellow Disney fans as well!

Me and Marisa at Hollywood Studios!
My other blogging friends I have met in person, some before and some after meeting them through blogging. Marisa is my other Disney blogging friend, who I started talking to on Tumblr when I was doing my Disney College Program. I was actually working in her all time favorite resort (the Polynesian) so she told me she was going to come visit me at work during her next vacation. Sure enough, we met and were actually able to hang out a bit when she came to visit more than once! She's such a sweetheart and runs a pretty much perfect blog. If you have a Tumblr, you NEED to follow her. She also recently created a blog on Blogger, which I'm excited to start reading.

Me and Christine at a pie festival!

Christine is one of my best friends I made during my college program, and we had actually met and talked on Tumblr quite a bit before we were able to meet in Florida. I remember when she got accepted as attractions, then actually got into entertainment after her audition. It was so exciting! I love this girl to pieces and I can't wait until she can come visit me in California. She has two blogs...one Disney blog and a personal which I find to be the most hilarious blog on the face of the earth.

Tony, Sara (left), and me around Halloween
Last but definitely not least, I'd like to give myself some credit to introducing my friend Tony into the blogging world. Unlike everyone else, he doesn't own a Disney blog. I met Tony at my community college. We had a couple classes together and he's grown to be one of my closest friends. He's extremely into philosophy, which he writes about on his blog. He also writes poems, thoughts, and pretty much anything on his mind at the time! He has a Blogger and a Tumblr if you'd like to check them out

Of course I have made many, many more friends through blogging, but these are the ones that I've met through Tumblr or Blogger specifically and blog regularly (besides Tony who I knew beforehand). I have friends like Lizzie and Rebecca who both run blogs on Tumblr. I met Lizzie on Facebook first (we became roommates at Disney) and Rebecca was my first Blog of the Month on my Disney Tumblr. I love both of these girls to pieces, and I just adore everyone I've gotten to know through my time blogging. My life definitely has changed since I've been a part of this blogging community!

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