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Saturday, November 24, 2012

One With Serenity

Sunlight peeks through clouds
and dances on the tips
of blades,
green and rich as moss
in a swamp.

Vines softly touch
the stream, as if
yearning to be one
with the peaceful sea.

The constant rush of water
loosely hugs the gray rocks
while passing by,
continuing on to its journey
of greatness.

The peace is broken
like birds taking off in flight.
A rush of white rapids,
hurriedly bash and crash
against each other for freedom.
This freedom is serenity.

Peculiar insects scamper
across calm waters, under
floating crisp brown leaves.
A lizard scampers under a rock,
leaving its aqua tail exposed to
the sunlight.

As the breeze rustles the
tall pines and disturbs a
shrub's slumber,
I look up;
embracing the heat
on my flesh,
embracing the joy,
embracing nature's beauty.

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