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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Book Blogger Challenge: Day Two

What's your bedtime reading ritual?

You know...I don't know if I actually have one. Usually when I read before I go to sleep I just read until I can't read anymore. I stop at that point where your eyes are started to droop and your vision gets really fuzzy and you can't even hold up the book anymore. That's of course, if the book is really good.

In other news...

Since that was such a short answer for today's challenge, I want to share with you how it went to visit my new school!

It was a less than 24 hour trip. My mom and I flew down to Long Beach and drove to a hotel near Knotts Berry Farm on Wednesday and then stayed the night before waking up at the crack of dawn to drive to my school. Traffic wasn't terrible, which is a shock because it's SoCal, but being able to drive in the carpool lane certainly helped!

When we got to my college, I went and checked in and then sat in the Student Union for nearly four hours (womp). I got to learn about the different opportunities my school offers to its students, how to register for classes, all about my business school in particular, and about jobs and internship opportunities. I got to meet a small group of people, and most of them were from around the area already. Besides the people who came from foreign countries, I was the furthest one away from home. One guy asked if I was going to take all online classes since I live so far away....he didn't quite understand that I was moving down there permanently, which is kind of funny. I was also able to finally take a tour of the campus and get my Student ID card. Feels good to finally be moving forward with the next life adventure!

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