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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge

Hey guys! I want to apologize for my super long hiatus on this blog..I got back from working in Walt Disney World about a month or so ago and I've been focusing on catching up on my Disney blog. I really want to get back into writing and doing book reviews (I have two books to do at the moment).

However, I also stumbled upon this 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge on A Little Shelf of Heaven (a lovely book blog) which was actually created by April on Good Books and Good Wine! I felt like it was a pretty neat way to get back into blogging on here, since the 30 Day Writing Challenge I posted earlier takes a little more work and dedication (I still want to try some of the tasks on there though).

Once again I really want to apologize for my absence. I'm actually going to be flying down to Southern California to visit my new school tonight! Super excited for the next chapter of my life to start in just a little over a month!

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  1. Awesome! Do tell how the trip goes! (fyi, this is Tony)